Podcast: The WISE path to inclusion

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The Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) aim to build a more inclusive society through work. Social Integration Enterprises can take various forms throughout Europe,reflecting the culture,history and politics of each country.

This podcast,co-produced by A3S,is dedicated to Social Integration Enterprises and counts with the participation of our partners and A3S:

Jon Pitt,founder ofMiEnterprise (U.K.),a marketing cooperative for entrepreneurs with learning disabilities

Carlota Quintão,sociologist and member of A3S (Portugal),a non-profit association working with and for the social and solidarity economy sector

Thomas Rihl,managing director ofJob-TransFair (Austria),an organization assisting disadvantaged people in finding the right job

Monia Babini,mediation operator atSIIL (Italy),a service of targeted employment for disabled and disadvantaged people