Consultancy COMpasso project

This consultancy was held in 2008 and it was based on the development of individual intervention plans with five private institutions of social solidarity. It was designed a methodological framework for the creation of sustainable social business, that reflects the work developed and the intervention proposals designed. The wider aim of the project was to apply these five institutions in Porto district a flexible model, previously developed in the project, to provide various services to support families and individuals concentrated in the same physical space. It aimed at, on the one hand, improving the conditions of conciliating family and professional life and, on the other hand, to encourage rationalisation and innovation in the provision of services by the private institutions of social solidarity.

RDISS – Referencial para o Desenvolvimento de Iniciativas Socialmente Sustentáveis: Manual e Estudos de Caso


Project coordination União Distrital das IPSS do Porto

Partnership Associação de Desenvolvimento Beira Serra e Centro Social de Ermesinde

Consultancy A3S

Funding Equal