Solidarity action training – FAS project

  • Training in social responses quality
  • Training in time management
  • Training in conflict management and interpersonal relationships
  • Training in organisational communication
  • Training in motivation strategies
  • Training in performance evaluation
  • Training in organisational qualification
  • Training in external and internal communication
  • Training in planning and evaluation of educational project
  • Training in leadership and human resources management

This training took place in two phases, the first one between 2009 – 2010 and the second between 2013-2014. It took place in the Portuguese regions of North, Center, Alentejo and Algarve, involving more than 150 third sector organisations. Action training methodologies were used, such as group dynamics and application, including the implementation of quality management, planning, priority setting and conflict management tools.

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Project coordination CNIS

Training A3S

Funding POPH / QREN