History of Social Economy in the city of Porto

A3S has initiated this project with the aim to contribute to the reconstruction of the material and immaterial history of Social Economy in the city of Porto, from 1850 to the present, focusing on outstanding historical facts, monuments, personalities and organizations.

This project can open doors for the construction of cultural knowledge, with facts that marked the evolution of the society of Porto in the years in question.

The plurality of institutional, legal forms and missions that integrate the social economy world has raised several challenges in terms of building a common sense of identity, capacity for dialogue and cooperative work, and political mobilization. It is hoped that this project will contribute to the consolidation of material and immaterial memory and, consequently, to the strengthening of the identity of this sector in the region and, simultaneously, to the valorization of its heterogeneity.

Expected products from this project include:

  • A research report on the social economy in the city of Porto from 1850 to the present day, including its main historical facts, monuments, personalities and organizations;
  • An itinerary through the city of Porto around the main focuses of interest identified in the research report.

Promoter: A3S