The A3S was a founding member of IR3S [Initiative Network for the Third Sector] as a national structure of networking between third sector organisations. This network began in 2006 and ended in 2008.

Its main objectives were:

  1. To increase the knowledge, communication, sharing, mutual aid and networking between third sector organisations;
  2. Promoting the recognition of the third sector and its organisations as sustainable development agents;
  3. To encourage partnerships and gather joint efforts to solve common problems, to implement joint projects and to identify and work on solutions for financing these projects and partnerships. It is understood as partnership the temporary agreement for joint action with common objectives, sharing resources and individual responsibilities for common action;
  4. To promote research projects and structural intervention for the sustainability and development of the organisations that are NETWORK members, in particular, and for the third sector, in general.



Association A3S  (Porto)

ACEP – Associação de Cultura e Educação Popular (Viana do Castelo)

Espaço – T (Porto)

Germina – Cooperativa de Ideias e Eventos (Lisboa)

Kerigma – Instituto de Inovação e Desenvolvimento Social (Barcelos)

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de S. João da Madeira