Month of the Third Sector 2012

The 6th edition of the M3S was a digital event. We launched a weekly newsletter during the month of November with articles of researchers on the Third Sector.

Available articles:

1. Pistas de reflexão sobre a dimensão interna da cultura organizacional das OTS em Portugal [Food for thought on the internal dimension of the organizational culture of the third sector organisations in Portugal]

2. “Accountability nas ONGD” Priorização de stakeholders: tarefa impossível ou imprescindível? [Accountability in the NGO “Prioritization of stakeholders: impossible or essential task?]

3. Que especificidades para a gestão de recursos humanos no terceiro sector? [What specificities can we find on human resource management in the third sector?]

4. El movimiento asociativo frente a la crisis [The associative movement against the crisis]

m3s 2012

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