Social entrepreneurship in Portugal


This project was implemented between 2010-2014. It aimed at understanding the emergence and development of social entrepreneurship in Portugal and how the concept of social entrepreneurship can be suited to Third Sector organisations. It focused on the political and legal national European framework and the education and training measures oriented to this field. The research resulted in a set of conclusions on social entrepreneurship in Portugal and recommendations. One of the outputs of the research is a documentary ÉS SOCIAL [YOU ARE SOCIAL], with pedagogical objectives.

Project webpage and E-book “Empreendedorismo Social em Portugal”  [Social Entrepreneurship in Portugal]

Presentation video

Documentary “És Social”:

Chap. 1 “Olhares sobre empreendedorismo social” [Perspectives on social entrepreneurship]

Chap. 2 “Agir para transformar” [Act to transform]

Chap. 3 “Gerir pela missão social” [Managing the social mission]


Project coordination Instituto de Sociologia da Universidade do Porto

Partnership A3S, Dinamia’ CET

Funding FCT/QREN