We are a team of people with a variety of skills and professional experience


Ana Luísa Martinho

Consultant, vocational trainer and researcher in sociology of organisations, working in the field of organisation development and people management in third sector organisations

Carlota Quintão

Specialised in social entrepreneurship, qualification of third sector organisations and social inclusion of vulnerable populations. She has been working as a researcher, consultant and evaluator

Cristina Parente

University professor and researcher in the domains of sociology and management. She is the author of publications and coordinates research action projects in the areas of diagnosis, planning and evaluation, human resources management, social and solidary economy and social entrepreneurship

Elsa Amorim

Technical assistant in hospital administrative services. She is performing professional activities in ​​financial management

Filipa Rocha

Psychologist, working in the field of human resources and with experience in adult learning. She has also worked as a consultant and trainer

Joana Bastos

Sociologist in the field of social and educational intervention, within programmes to combat poverty, unemployment and school dropout. She is also a trainer and consultant in areas such as employability, citizenship and social policies

Jordi Estivill

Sociologist and economist. He is working as a researcher and professor of social and solidarity economy, poverty, social exclusion and labour market. He has over 40 published books

Luís Gomes

Luísa Veloso

Sociologist and researcher. Her main research areas are: innovation, science and industry relationship, education, employment and professions

Sofia Maia Silva

Consultant and projects' evaluator in the field of international development, inclusive education, employment and social inclusion

Sofia Mora

Economist dedicated to social and solidarity economy. She has been working in domains such as social inclusion through work, public participation, citizenship, self-employment and microcredit

Zulmira Quintão

Has a career dedicated to teaching and to school administration in primary and secondary schools.  She has implemented education pilot-projects and she taught in prisons


Bruno Fonseca, Cintia Martins, Elvira Lopes,  Mafalda Gomes, Miguel Silva, Silvana Torrinha