A3S acts as a social entrepreneur in search of creating added social value and opportunities to intervene and innovate.

 A3S is a non-profit association, created in 2006, working with and for the social and solidarity economy sector. We are dedicated to research and development (R&D) with the mission of promoting social entrepreneurship for collective knowledge, for the sustainability of the third sector and to contribute to the consolidation of sustainable development alternatives, more just, equitable and participatory. A3S works with and on behalf of the organisations of the third sector (associations, mutualities, foundations, cooperatives, charities, etc.), so that they are subjected to greater investment, knowledge and recognition. A3S advocates for the promotion of gender equality and for preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender and sexual orientation. In addition, we fight against all forms of discrimination and exclusion, including religious, of ethnic nature, opinion or social class.


A3S pursues as main objectives, among others, the promotion of social entrepreneurship for collective knowledge and recognition of the third sector, networking between organisations and the provision of consulting services.

 A3S’ activities rely on democracy principles, which are supported by the following values:

  • Participatory democracy and shared responsibility of individuals and organisations;
  • Transparency in the provision of social, environmental and economic accounts;
  • Consistency between the intervention and the ideals of social and solidarity economy;
  • Decent work in qualifying and empowering contexts;
  • Critical thinking in the construction of alternatives;
  • Loyalty and trust in relations with the various people and organisations.