The purpose of RESIT [Network of Social Enterprises for Insertion at Work] is to promote networking in order to enhance the synergy of professional integration and employability of professionally excluded or vulnerable people. This network, where A3S participated since its beginning as one of promoting organisations, is currently a member of ENSIE – European Network of Social Integration Enterprises.

Its main objectives are:

  1. To develop and strengthen knowledge at national and international levels in order to improve the effectiveness of the intervention of partners and integration agents;
  2. To promote inter-institutional cooperation at national and international levels;
  3. To contribute to the adequacy and effectiveness of national and international policy measures to promote employment;
  4. To contribute to the optimisation of employability answers.

RESIT webpage



Association A3S

ADSG – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Social de Gondomar

ADCE – Associação para o Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Espinho

ANARP – Associação Nova Aurora Reabilitação e Reintegração Psicossocial

APDES – Agência Piaget para o Desenvolvimento

ARIA – Associação de Reabilitação e Integração Ajuda

ARTENAVE Atelier – Associação de Solidariedade

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